Guangzhou launched the Guangzhou charge 3200 charging pile to serve new energy vehicles foxpro6.0免费下载

Guangzhou launched the Guangzhou charge 3200 charging piles of new energy vehicles in service Guangzhou September (Xinhua Li Jie) Guangzhou charging facilities intelligent management platform, Yangcheng charge on the line 28 on the 28. Yangcheng charge can be connected to 300 charging stations, more than 3 thousand and 200 charging pile. The platform for the "Internet plus charging infrastructure, including management platform, operating platform and service charge APP three parts, the distribution of charging facilities in the city’s panorama map. Among them, the Yangcheng filled APP for the public to provide charge navigation, state inquiries, charging appointments, billing and other charging services. According to the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, "Guangzhou charge" has access to more than and 300 charging stations, including more than and 200, more than 3 thousand AC DC pile pile, distributed in 11 areas in Guangzhou, between, is conducive to the realization of the vehicle charging facilities and infrastructure, the interconnection access data and transaction settlement. Guangzhou Municipal Commission responsible person said, Guangzhou city has built more than 6 thousand and 500 kinds of charging facilities, in the construction of more than 1 thousand, charging facilities service network takes shape. According to statistics, the annual production capacity of new energy buses in Guangzhou reached 5000, the annual production capacity of new energy vehicles about 30 thousand, the current new energy vehicles in the city to retain more than 20 thousand vehicles. Guangzhou charge on the line to help solve the charging pile interconnection, improve the efficiency of charging pile. (end)相关的主题文章: