The Zhejiang Municipal People’s Congress for bribery out of 1 million 680 thousand opponents withdra 纪元1701

The Zhejiang Municipal People’s Congress for bribery: out of 1 million 680 thousand opponents withdrawal original title: Zhejiang provincial procuratorate announced together bribery case: 1 million 680 thousand for out of the race news (reporter Fan Yuehong) just before the Zhejiang provincial procuratorate announced the investigation together province procuratorial organs bribery case, a warning is involved in the personnel of organs of State General election. In December 2011, Zhejiang Youxi 317000 Zhenlong Ling District, Jin Bangzhong et al Jixing money campaign on the fifteenth session of the National People’s congress. Deputy party secretary of the town, Youxi Town People’s Congress Chairman Liu Daoqiu, should be for the people as the general election work leading group deputy leader, repeatedly do GEIL hard work ". After consultation, the money Jixing took 1 million 680 thousand yuan to Jin Bangzhong, for Jin Bangzhong to drop out of the race. In December 30, 2011, money Jixing was elected to the coastal city of the Fifteenth National People’s congress. According to the masses, in December 1, 2014, the city’s Procuratorate decided to disrupt the election for the people, Liu Daoqiu investigation. Recently, the case after the second instance verdict. The second half of this year to the first half of next year, Zhejiang municipalities, counties (cities, districts) will continue to carry out a general election. In order to ensure the orderly conduct of the general election, in September 22nd, the Zhejiang provincial Procuratorate issued a special notice, and resolutely investigate and deal with the destruction of election cases. Notice requirements of the procuratorial organs resolutely state functionaries by violence, threat, deception, bribery, forgery of electoral documents, falsifying electoral votes, making the election results and other means to disrupt the election of criminal cases; resolutely functionaries of state organs to impede the voters or deputies to exercise their right to vote and to be elected crimes resolutely; staff of state organs investigated for complaint or election illegal personnel take revenge grave violations of the democratic rights of citizens of crime. Notification requirements in the investigation of cases at the same time, to carry out legal publicity with typical examples, and the influence of investigators found general election work flaws and loopholes and weak links, are prone to departments and positions, and put forward rectification suggestions. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: