LAN Tai said that the history of the late king Tai how to create a universal love of the royal famil naughty怎么读

LAN Tai said the history of · the late king how to create the myth of love in the royal family yesterday, a legend, King Rama nine world sire Bhumibhol · Adud died, the news was confirmed, not only caused a shock in Thailand mourning sound, also boarded the world’s major media headlines. In view of the special status of the king of Thailand in Thailand, the public opinion in the past few decades has been praised for its addition, the negative sound is negligible. In contrast, Chinese domestic media is full of " how to describe the arbiter of detached political factions outside; diligent, compassionate people " reports. King Bhumibhol of Thailand however, the aura of the total fade one day. The Japanese emperor in defeat after the humiliation, it is inevitable to release the World Declaration, " " self degradation. At the end of the reign of King Bhumibhol, questioning the royal family, emphasizing the power of the king of the settlement has become increasingly prominent, after his death, the prospect of the Thailand royal family is more difficult to predict. We are the people of Thailand, with the Thailand media try to flatter sb, " God " reduction, can from the enlightenment, but also more in line with the spirit of the times. As enjoys the country for 70 years, after the reign of King Louis Xiv’s legendary king, how he had been overthrown by the decline of a Dynasty continued life to the status of today? Whether he is powerful monarch, or symbol of Xu Jun? Behind him, the royal family will face a rare opportunity, or deep crisis? Weak Royal continued life of Bhumibhol’s family was the founder of the Kerrey Dynasty, Thonburi Dynasty under King Zheng Xin (Chinese) general, after mutiny against the king, took the regicide. At the turn of the century, 18, the turn of the century, Thailand, increasingly feel the pressure from the west. In fifth King Rama V Dynasty period, in order to fight against the Western powers, the modernization reform of Thailand widely, the abolition of the large and stereotypes vulgar, part of the territory ceded the cost, save the independence of the kingdom. Rama V in the reform of internal affairs at the same time, Rama V is also keen to send members of the royal family to Europe to study, the son of the 33 in almost all European education, it has gradually become the Royal tradition. Bhumibhol and his brother Rama VIII to stay away from Switzerland, domestic politics, that is derived from this. In 1932, Thailand outbreak of the coup, autocratic rule of the Thailand people’s party and the young guard soldiers overthrew and Kerrey Dynasty, and spread the bad news on the royal family’s popularity fell. The new government gave the king Prajadhipok two choices: either obedient puppets, or get out. Prajadhipok chose to become a puppet, since Thailand established a constitutional monarchy. Since then Thailand has experienced many times of revolution, Bhumibhol’s elder brother was also a mysterious assassination. Bhumibhol was in such a situation, then hide in foreign countries for many years, before returning home in 1950. Plaek Pibulsonggram · the early reign of King Bhumibol completely a military dictator plaek Pibulsonggram · under the shadow of the military. In 1957, the Thailand army emerging powerful figures & sarip.相关的主题文章: