2016 fleuramour s works — not only about the ideal, look at the design of the Sohu bleep

2016 Fleuramour s works — not only about the ideal, look at the design of small Sohu before returning home today, therefore, brought back from the Fleuramour2016 scene photos have to show people in high bandwidth under. Time is pressing, we do not talk about the ideal today, look at the design. At the scene, apart from the modern floral design all kinds of material and form in the expansion of knowledge, the most important, can see clearly every work from zero to whole, and insight into the inner thoughts — a floral designer every moment is really very sultry. The two sisters were created with the theme of "wind". They met in the room two years ago to become the best friend. The deer stone flower? Tutor Rudy dominate the design of the "green wave"? Lushi mentor Jan Aartsen floral dominant design "follow the sun"? The room for the late Belgian floral designer set by Tiffany Stijn, Paillard friends to lead the team members to complete the scene, with Miss Song, feel very depressed at the prospect. ? last year, the ten world cup, France champion Fré dé floral; ric in site creation. A person is very modest, smiling eyes speak, even a piece of wood must Qinliqinwei to carry. The designers hope to? Western Europe to Eastern Europe to the floral stage, at the scene told us a lot of words from the bottom of the heart. Belgium floral designer Moniekvanden Berghe? Since the creation of "the flower", this year again, the "Rainbow Bridge" magnificent. Floral? 2015 World Cup champion, Lushi floral mentor Alex Choi for the first time to join the Jinny in P. the castle, church and Lushi students team, "and" event. Life3? One of the Holland Max van den Sluis floral designer in the castle courtyard at the most important leading creation, Lushi team effort to help students. ? a special trip from Mexico to female floral designers brought new structural materials by Peter? Van der Sluis, "beating the fire to put chrysanthemum" map, there is no room for discussion "of odd shape", material from the jump, seemingly flowers theme. But in the international orthodox fashion, flower not only should be understood in one dimension. It should be open. So, can see the scene is full of creativity, they are not built across the lower flowers, but accompanied it more shine. Throw away the old ideas, open our hearts, what we can do is not to reject, but to accept and absorb, and trying to become better. 2016Fleuramour, a lot of. For the Belgian floral decoration project of the castle, in addition to harvest project experience, know from many countries the most important outstanding floral designer, can see, work attitude and working methods of the master, and from the harvest rich professional knowledge. Of course D相关的主题文章: