2017maryma works conference finisher Marry Ma daughter low-key debut super bass

2017MaryMa works conference finisher Marry Ma daughter low-key debut Mary daughter Margo last night, Marry Ma 2017 MaryMa work conference held as scheduled in the Golden Hall of the Beijing Hotel, the brightest star, political and business celebrities gathered together to witness this gluttonous feast of visual field, Marry Ma’s niece is the perfect interpretation of the works, the daughter Margot is aunt the debut completed the first T station serves you the rest of life. Mary’s niece Ma Yawen officially kicked off the show in the Yi girls unique folk dance, in five series of costumes and modern Yi costume elements of carefully selected models have been boarded the T station, the Ambilight light is noble and elegant, won applause. Marry Ma’s daughter Margo also arranged in Yi embroidery MaryMa dress series of the first stage, only twelve years old, she inherited Marry Ma tall and elegant temperament, aura did not lose the more outstanding Chinese and foreign models T. In fact, Marry Ma was very worried about prior exposure in early Margaux media in front of her growth disadvantage, not going to let her go on stage, but look forward to a mother Margo dress to go in the T table, I heard that my mother do not recommend their own power, was extremely disappointed, her daughter Marry Ma eventually decided to let her on the stage, but in addition to staff and a few friends, not to tell too many people. Margo finally low-key high quality completed his first T show the rest of life. The successful completion of the work of the conference, Marry Ma is a new starting point. The famous Chinese and foreign fashion designers stand in the forefront of the world’s fashion trends, can always use their own works to conquer all the people again and again. Let’s look forward to the next shock.相关的主题文章: