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Legal Many entrepreneurs with bright ideas often come unstuck when it comes to marketing these ideas effectively. If an individual or company does not have an adequate means of finding their target audience, they may fail. If you have ever seen the BBC tv series ‘Dragon’s Den’ you will appreciate that many entrepreneurs fall down when they are questioned about what exactly their product and thus their company is worth. In these circumstances it can be tempting to rush into a potential marketing partnership. The entrepreneur suffering cash flow problems may see this partner as solving all their issues i.e. getting the product developed and sold. It is at this time that you should seek to have a consultation with a specialised IP solicitor. IP can always be legally protected if the correct safeguards are put in place; the converse is that a potentially very valuable idea can effectively be handed to others to enjoy and exploit, should those agreements not be sufficiently robust. One anecdotal example of this was a gaming software company that sought a partner to take its latest development to market. The partner, submitted a draft agreement which made a suggestion that the company assigned their patents and other IP liabilities. By employing an IP Solicitor, the company was able to propose a significantly more equitable agreement that protected their rights and limited their liabilities going forward. In this circumstance having a good IP solicitor on board can mean the difference of a small and significant profit, it really is less about what you know, but who you know and what this specialised person can offer you. Even displaying the term ‘patented application pending’ will be crucial in securing business and being more competitive with rival companies. The message is very clear through the law that has been developed: if you make sure that you plan for the future and protect those IP rights, the rewards you reap will be significantly more. 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