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Work from home business success is yours. Really. You can make hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars typing away at a laptop. A weird double-edged block exists: 1 – People feel a work from home business is astoundingly easy to prosper with. 2 – People feel a work from home business is astounding difficult to prosper with. Each frame of mind forms an overpowering, success-blocking limiting belief. The easy crowd quits after not making $20,000 in the first week. The difficult crowd never begins at all….or simply quits within a few weeks, after their beliefs are verified, in their own minds. In truth, a work from home business is neither exceedingly easy or painfully difficult to work. Work from Home Business – Mindset Smash your blocks to smithereens by spending 1 to 2 hours in personal development daily. This means 1 to 2 hours of meditating, affirming, visualizing, and reading self help books. This means shutting off the computer for 1 to 2 hours daily. This means no TV, or bullshitting, or no radio, for 1 to 2 hours daily. This means you and your thoughts for 2 hours or more daily. Uncomfortable? Yes. Good. Means you are growing quickly. Growing quickly means your blocks dissolve fast. Making you successful. Making you earn money quickly, with greater ease. Working online is working online. Your ego adds the commentary. Easy. Hard. Difficult. Simple. Fun. Enjoyable. Agonizing. The ego chatter augments the experience. Spend time in self help. The ego chatter quiets. The experience itself of making money online becomes the reward. You focus less on easy or hard. More on serving others, creating value. The Big Lie Prospering online is a habit. When new to the arena, it usually takes some time to develop the habit. As you take certain steps each day these steps become habitual. As you develop money making habits you make money. If you refuse to take steps to develop money making habits, this is what lazy people call "difficult", or "hard", or "struggling". The ideas are part of the Big Lie. A lie virtually all home biz entrepreneurs cling to at one time. People who make money online easily, quickly, take the money making steps daily. No excuses. This crowd simply builds a money making habit. Most individuals need to spend hours in personal development, to develop money making habits. Most people are lazy. Or afraid of being uncomfortable for a few minutes or hours, to build new habits. When you grow, you must let go. To dissolve money making blocks you must grow, be uncomfortable, and develop new habits. This is not difficult or hard. It’s uncomfortable. Either you go forward immediately into the uncomfort zone or you cower, and the situation becomes more uncomfy. Your choice. Work from Home Business Blocks – Summary Prospering online is not super easy or super difficult. 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