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A Chinese version of the Mekong River action Bourne officers no longer high Daquan – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin directed by Lin Chaoxian, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng starred in the movie "the Mekong River action" will be released in September 30th. Yesterday, the film held in Guangzhou media viewing field. "The Mekong River action" adapted from a true place in "10? 5 Mekong transnational major, then China two merchant ships in the Mekong River area in Golden Triangle was attacked, killing all 13 crew Chinese, the ship was found in possession of a lot of ice. That year, Chinese police chase multinational drug traffickers in Golden Triangle, also the 13 victims of the China citizens with innocence. The story background determines the main melody of "the Mekong River action" gene, but the surprise is that the film did not fall into the old rut, looks quite nice. When the unfortunate victims of the 13 Chinese compatriots in the name of the end of the film, the audience is deeply shocked. A true representation of the Mekong River Mekong major "action" will be difficult China police investigation "transnational Mekong major" unfilmable. The movie tells the police that China 13 China citizens in the Mekong River after the death, finds that the case has all sorts of doubts, so the police went to Golden Triangle to find out the truth of elite gathering. Yunnan narcotics captain Gao Gang (Zhang Hanyu) led the special operations team in Thailand and Thailand, lurking in the intelligence officer Fang Xinwu (Eddie Peng ornaments) to solve. Look at the Mekong River, the first feeling is true. Director Lin Chaoxian introduction, the film took 5 years of preparation, collection and sorting out of hundreds of thousands of words recording data, field visits to Golden Triangle and shooting, is to restore the true Mekong major. The crew went deep into the Mekong River Basin and the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, showing the complex and varied topography of Golden Triangle. In addition to the truth in the viewfinder, the police investigation process description, has also been a really positive public security. In September 25th, "the Mekong River action" held in Beijing premiere, thousands of police officers and police arrived at the scene to see the film. Among them, when he was the 10.5 Mekong River task force leader Liu Yuejin (the prototype of the role of the Zhang Hanyu) on the authenticity of the film is greatly appreciated. The police no longer Gao Daquan "Mekong River action" director Lin Chaoxian from Hongkong, who shot the "witness", "anti war", "informer" and other gangster films. "Mekong action" is the first public security film he directed, the rhythm and effect of exciting exciting. The movie opens, the policemen wear uniforms sitting in the stands and politely applauded the drill…… The main melody movie openly show pictures, won the audience a good impression. The two main characters — Yunnan narcotics captain Gao Gang, intelligence officer Fang Xinwu and special operations group of young officers were broken before the public security personnel of "perfect" image is true to life. The director in the movie also insert a lot of "Hong Kong style humor", such as Zhang Hanyu just discourage boss don’t smoke: "the doctor has an ultimatum, not smoking, eating sweets!" Next he proceeded to smoke…… The battle scene continued tough wind handheld photography, exciting fight.相关的主题文章: