A longer, wider, lighter and faster Jaguar XF XFL poper

A longer, wider, lighter and faster Jaguar XF Jaguar XFL XFL to tell the truth, where the luxury executive car market is not good to do. The reason is simple: because the ABB (Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz) three had a monopoly of about 8 share in the rest of the ten brands can snatch the remaining 20% share. But when, around several friends have chosen Jaguar, reason is that don’t want to go to the streets of luxury cars, this is the Jaguar XFL opportunity. From the technical parameters, the Jaguar XFL competitors than longer, wider, lighter and faster, 388 thousand yuan price lower than competitors 2-3 million yuan, even more than a small number of the Jaguar XE (imported version) is 10 thousand yuan cheaper, which shows its high hopes of jaguar. In September 7th, "a very unusual new Jaguar XFL media drive will be held in Yunnan Yuxi, we have a further understanding of this product. Longer, wider, elegant consumers do not have a higher demand for the level of the model space, the new Jaguar XFL wheelbase increased by 140mm, reaching the same level of leading 3100mm. After lengthening, rear legroom is increased by 157mm, while the knee space increased by 116mm to 203mm, bring a spacious comfortable rear passenger space. Seen from the technical parameter table can be either 5093mm, Jaguar XFL car or 1880mm car wide, to beat Audi A6L, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class, if not intuitively understand the space inside the car, then you look at the picture below, with long legs beauty, she is so comfortable in the car! Extension did not make the Jaguar XFL is very bloated, designer side and on the top of the new Jaguar XFL curve was thoughtful, perfect body proportions and elegant lines is preserved. The side looked, the new Jaguar XFL coupe with a slender figure, one is called "light spear" sharp ridges extending from the front has been down to the highest point above the rear wheel, the new Jaguar XFL more light, smart and elegant, large car looks very sexy; chrome the side plating and trim across the door of each other, visually more luxury and dignity. The classic J-Blade LED daytime running lights with Jaguar models iconic "four light" design, from the top back extending groove headlight details, are to pay tribute to the classic Jaguar Car Design elements. The new Jaguar XFL offers two audio systems built by the UK’s top audio expert Meridian. One of them is equipped with 11 speakers (including subwoofer) 380W sound system, and the other is equipped with a total of 17 speakers (including subwoofer) 825W surround sound system. Jaguar Fuxian Lake, Erhai long distance travel, do not feel tired, but also think it is very good to enjoy. Lighter and more powerful in general, the body is lengthened, the weight will increase, previously, have competing products because of "iron gate" is made of gray. Light weight has been the most important development direction of the automotive industry, but also one of the most important.相关的主题文章: