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British Princess Kate sister 3000 private photos stolen or nude (Figure) – Sohu news   [global network reporter reports Zhang Ao] recently, the British Duchess of Cambridge, 33 year old sister Pippa Middleton? (Pippa Middleton) said, iCloud cloud backup their own accounts hacked, 3000 personal photos. The stolen. Taiwan’s Central News Agency, September, 28, said the British court on the same day passed a ban on these 1, will prohibit these photos publicly. According to the CNN (CNN) news, London police said on September 24th, a man on suspicion of invasion of Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton? ICloud accounts to steal thousands of photos were arrested. Stolen photos details have not been made public. But allegedly stolen photos include Pippa fiance nude, and photos of Kate and her two children George little prince and princess Sherlock. Currently, the Prince William family is visiting canada. The agency said the arrest is from the central county of Northampton Wei Ling, the 35 year old British designer Wyatt (Nathan Wyatt), to violate the "anti computer misuse act" (Computer Misuse Act). At present, Wyatt has been specially released on bail. Pippa and 40 year old fiance (James Matthews) commissioned a lawyer (Adam Wolanski) in the British high court to obtain a ban, will prevent photo public. Earlier, the British "sun" and "Daily Mail" reported that some people have privately contact the person in charge of newspaper, to sell these stolen photos. "The sun" said hackers by encrypting the information service contact, called "crafty Cockney" (Crafty Cockney) said, holding the hands of Pippa try on the wedding photographs and its fiance Mathews nude. Two newspapers have said that hackers ask the buyer within 48 hours, the time before the afternoon of September 23rd, the lowest paid 50 thousand pounds (about 432 thousand yuan), and said "this is not what the auction, but simply to the highest bidder".相关的主题文章: