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Cai Bin stressed that the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team to strengthen cooperation at an Jiajie pierce the windows of paper Cai Bin directing the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team in November 8, 2016 women’s Volleyball League 19:302016-2017 Chinese "Intco environmental protection" Zibo Division second Games held in the gymnasium of Zibo Sports Center, the Shandong Weifang Hengxin home court against Jiangsu Zhongtian steel row female volleyball. Ultimately, the Shandong team 0:3 sorry to defeat the Jiangsu team, the bureau score is 10:25, 24:26, 23:25, after which the two Shandong teams in the leading case did not seize the opportunity. The game, Shandong team line-up is the main Du Qingqing and Song Meili, Sun Ruhan and Zhang Qian partner by the font, second Wang Nan, Qian Jingwen, Wang Mengjie. Free. Jiangsu’s starting line-up for the main Zhang Changning, Xu Ruoya, Jiang Qianwen, Wang Chenyue, Gong Xiangyu font, collusion setter, and free people Linyu Diao chan. After the opening, the Jiangsu team Gong Xiangyu from the first dunk for the visitors get a point again and again to seize the opportunity, made a run of 4:0. Shandong coach An Jiajie called for the first time to pause and adjust the team to get a point. The strength of the advantage of the Shandong team are at a disadvantage in the block, spike and other aspects, and soon the score behind a lot. Jiangsu team in the national champion Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu led more flowering, scored again. Match to 8:19, the Shandong team put forward challenges Hawkeye net, but failed, the score was 20:8. Since then, the Shandong team apass. Repeated failures, the opponent consecutive points, the first game, the Jiangsu team to 25:10 victory. Second, Shandong women’s volleyball team will start with the Jiangsu team played inextricably involved, both sides stalemate. Match to 6:7, the Shandong team to use Hawkeye technology, "ball in" challenge and success, the Shandong team chasing the score 7:7. Then in the Shandong team in the home court of fans cheering sound, gradually widened the score to 12:9. The Jiangsu coach asked for the first time. After the adjustment of the Jiangsu team in a series of 3 bit offensive, plus Zhang Changning’s net fastball, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team will score 14, 15, 16, 17 flat flat flat flat, 18. 18:19, the Jiangsu Team Challenge "ball in technology" and success, the two sides once again tie, 19 flat. After that, the Shandong coach requested a suspension. Race to the 21 level, the Jiangsu team used second "challenge Hawkeye technology, touch the blocking players" but failed, Shandong team leading 22:21. Then, the Shandong team second times using Hawkeye technology, "ball in challenge" but failed, the score becomes 22 flat. 23 Ping, after the Jiangsu team, the team scored 2 points to 26:24 to take the first game of the 24 game of the game, the first game of the game in the first two games. Jiangsu third women’s volleyball team, the two teams into the white hot competition. Shandong women’s volleyball team and the opponent’s score increased alternately, the game to 9:10, the Shandong team requested a suspension for the first time. After adjustment, Shandong women’s volleyball team with strong serve to undermine each other’s pass, and strengthen the network before the block, they also played with in the attack, but the errors increased, scores of poor effect. The results of the two sides almost replicated the second game, the appearance of the 12 level相关的主题文章: