Capital embarrassment! IOC wants to recover the silver medal has been sold by athletes (video) 3edyy

Capital embarrassment! Silver IOC has been sold back to the three Beijing Olympic champion athletes China positive why 8 years after the September 2nd sports Tencent measured yesterday, International Olympic Committee announced that Cuba’s silk Ariely – Barrios in Beijing Olympic Games doping examination positive results were canceled, the discus silver will be recovered. However, an embarrassing fact is that as early as June of this year, Barrios has sold the silver on the internet! Barrios released the sale of medals in the online advertising page, with photos, the silver is silver in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s discus. In June of this year, the medal has been purchased by a network of buyers, the price of $11655 (equivalent to about 77854 yuan). This Thursday, the International Olympic Committee said in a statement, the Beijing Olympic Games women’s discus silver medalist Barrios in the re examination urine test, sample composition was found to contain acetazolamide (a diuretic). Together with the Qatar man was found 100 meter athlete Francis, he was the result of the sixteenth. The International Olympic Committee started to collect information as early as August 2015, and decided before the 2016 Rio Olympics coming, the use of advanced technologies are now to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics stored urine sample to detect. This week, the sports journalists association tried to interview the International Olympic Committee on the Barrios medal, but the latter did not respond. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s discus were the top three American players Te Ralph Don, Cuba and Ukraine Barrios Antonova, now with the Barrios silver medal was recovered, this also means that will get the silver medal by Antonova, and then get a fourth Chinese player Song Aimin will receive a bronze medal in the late eight years. Coincidentally, Poland’s Peter Hobbs base Mahwah won the silver medal in the discus at the Rio Olympics last month. He announced on Facebook that he would sell his silver medal to help the sick boy. Seaman, a three year old boy suffering from retinoblastoma. Malachowski hopes he can raise enough money to save the boy’s eyes, which cannot be cured in Poland. (winter wheat)相关的主题文章: