Chaohu tourist products force night and water upstream 4000dy

That ring Chaohu tourism products and night force water upstream of Chaohu shore Liu Xuesong map Star News Market star, Anhui financial network reporter yesterday held in 2016 from the Hefei city tourism innovation development forum, "ring" overall planning of Chaohu National Tourism and leisure area is currently being prepared, the fastest at the end of this year released. The chief economist of the Hefei Municipal Tourism Bureau Tang Jianjiang said at the meeting said, "ring" overall planning of Chaohu National Tourism and leisure area after screening, and ultimately determine the Shanghai city planning and Design Institute for the planning of the unit. Currently, the unit is planning the final results of the preparation, the fastest end of this year, the program will be released. The scheme set 5 goals for the Chaohu National Tourism and leisure, rings are: to build international lakes leisure tourism destination, to create the cultural heritage of national agricultural park in Jianghuai polder, build International Lakes Research and education industries, to create an international theme leisure sports base, build fitness demonstration area. Around Chaohu National Tourism and leisure area, will be the birth of 4 urban groups, namely: the international study of urban population, urban population, rural leisure sports and health experience of urban population, urban agglomeration. Tang Jianjiang said in concluding remarks, on the current tourism resources in Hefei scenic area, the lack of top brand attractions for the creation of 1~2 home 5A scenic spots. In the tourism products, Chaohu dock water tourism and for the conference and exhibition business guests "night" is the "short board", in the future, should force scenic tourism products, boost Hefei tourism to a new level. Zhu Shanrong reporter Dong Yanfen相关的主题文章: