From the Yui Aragaki drama in Japan to send members more miserable!

From the Yui Aragaki drama in Japan to send members more miserable! Yui Aragaki starred in the drama "escape from diffuse change though shameful but useful" is hit, the heroine Moriyama Mi Li university graduates can not find work, finished after graduate or can not find work, but first as a period of time to send members through the marriage contract curve employment, bitter to otaku are shouting: "my wife keeps you!" So, what exactly is sending members of the East, why the media love to expose the darkness and cruelty? A so-called occupation is to send members of informal employment, the dispatch company unified management, sent to each big company as a "part-time", get paid by the hour. Yui Aragaki played the mountain not only to do the form, copy information, but also to help leaders wash the cup, no status at all. Here a Japanese media survey of 20 – to 40 year old men and women, lists ten cruel situation to send members shocking. 1 there are a lot of sending companies will not give traffic. 2 the contract does not update is equal to unemployment at any time. 3 poor treatment. 4 for several years did not raise hourly wages. 5 it’s hard to ask for leave. 6 so-called Dispatch Law is useless. 7 what is the prize? 8 rarely paid. 9 younger members. 10 although very want to be a full-time staff, but it is difficult to find this kind of work. Therefore, to go to the mountain when other people’s wife is also helpless…… Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: