Hongkong property market then moves the second-hand housing prices as high as 30% stamp duty unfccc

Hongkong property market then moves the second-hand housing prices as high as 30% stamp duty in new network on 15 November, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported that the Hongkong SAR Government in early moves again, the need to pay double the stamp duty (DSD) of the housing transactions, from November 5th up to a permanent resident of Hongkong purchased 15% of property prices. Second residential units are required to pay 15% of the new ad valorem stamp tax for non local buyers (including corporate buyers), together with the buyers stamp duty the need to pay 15% of the price (BSD), the new tax rate as high as 30% of total prices.         data map. Photo by Wang Dongming     according to the documents submitted to the Legislative Council, the moves mainly due to the rise in property prices over the past six months, the volume also rebounded sharply, the main investment demand is increasing, according to tax bureau data, the average monthly in the first quarter of this year only 500 cases, double the stamp duty to Hongkong permanent residents to buy second suites of residential turnover in the three quarter, figures have soared to 1600 in September, the latest figures soared to 2300 in September alone than the average for the first quarter figures, with an increase of up to 3.6 times, compared with the period of overall residential trading increased 2.6 times as high. However, only second yuan from the local residents to buy a double stamp duty involved in the number of figures to infer the local investment in residential property demand surge, the situation may be overestimated. Because of the arrangement according to the current tax, the exchange floor off sell all buy, also need to pay double the stamp tax, if within six months later sold its original only units to the government for back pay more taxes, so the number of double stamp tax in September is still not deduct the number of passengers change exempted. In fact, the plan had the biggest impact on the building guest exchange within six months of the exchange floor under the new tax system, firstly, according to the current mortgage limit below HK $7 million of property the highest LTV is 60%, to HK $5 million a unit, customers are required to prepare for building Hong Kong 2 million heads of state, tax also need to prepare high prices of 15% ($750 thousand) to pay for the new ad valorem stamp tax, even within six months of the original units sold only HK $600 thousand, the difference can be returned, but for a general exchange floor off, plans to buy 5 million to 2 million 750 thousand cash reserve property, can be said to be "hot and spicy". Editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: