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Jane Zhang’s mother told Feng Ke to harm the interests of the shareholders of court case Jane Zhang mother Legal Evening News (reporter Downing) Jane Zhang and her boyfriend Feng Ke married soon, mother Zhang Guiying has published an open letter, accusing the prospective son-in-law Feng Ke deceived the daughter and her daughter, misappropriation of company shares, clearly against the two marriage. Zhang Guiying will also son-in-law Feng Ke to court. This morning, the Legal Evening News reporter was informed that the Chaoyang Court has filed. September 30th, Zhang Guiying accompanied by lawyers to the Chaoyang Court to submit an indictment. Legal Evening News reporter learned that, in order to harm the interests of shareholders sued Zhang Guiying, the defendant is the city of Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd., as well as the small number of the company’s legal person, Feng Ke. The indictment shows that during the period from April 13, 2012 to September 6, 2013, Beijing small town era culture communication Limited registered capital of 6 million 600 thousand yuan, while the three natural person shareholders are Zhang Guiying 20%, Feng Ke 10%, the remaining 70% are in the name of Jane Zhang. On July 10, 2014, the plaintiff Zhang Guiying’s change of equity accounted for 5% stake in the company (330 thousand yuan); August 19, 2014, the registered capital of the company from the original 6 million 600 thousand yuan increased to 10 million yuan, which was accounted for the company’s equity ratio of 5%, Feng Ke shares accounted for the equity ratio increased to 60%, Jane Zhang in 35% cases. November 24, 2014, the plaintiff Zhang Guiying’s equity and shareholder qualifications were deprived. Zhang Guiying sued for confirmation of the two defendants illegal deprivation of qualification and its equity ownership behavior is invalid, and the restoration of equity and shareholder qualification in her small town era in Beijing Culture Communication Co., and bear the costs of litigation. This morning, the Legal Evening News reporter learned that the Chaoyang Court has accepted the case, and has been filed. Event playback: Jane Zhang announced with her boyfriend Feng Ke in November 9th married in Italy after the news, Zhang Guiying in Chengdu has published an open letter, accused Feng Ke of deception as a "mistress", her daughter and her daughter also embezzled the company’s shares, said Feng Ke is not a person can be entrusted to life. In this regard, Jane Zhang long responded that he did not have any problems with the principle of Feng Ke, has been in the management of their property, and that his career in Beijing has been two people worked together to support each other, no one who is the key, change of equity investment proposal, the stock right has changed many times again. Subsequently, Feng Kefa micro-blog responded that he would like to transfer all his property to the name of the name of Liangying, hoping to deal with the family crisis.相关的主题文章: