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Lancome help   Zhang Yuqi stunning debut Venice red carpet – Fashion – Zhang Yuqi wore a Alexis Mabille2016 high, the use of Lancome products, Lancome unveiled at the Venice Film Festival red carpet cushion CC cream 420 yuan 14 grams of fusion of multiple effects of a single product category, beyond the category of cosmetics and skin care products with double effect of Lancome air CC cream the sponge cushion is soft and elastic, with exclusive puff polyurethane with heat-insulating properties produced by the special design, and the skin texture is completely compatible. Pine extract, rich for freckle effect lasting, skin radiant, flawless white.   Lancome cyanine #187 270 yuan 3.6 pure velvet lipstick marks velvet texture, contains rose essential oil, lasting moisturizing lip. Sharp edges, easily sketch accurate lip; petals, a large area, comprehensive coverage of beauty makeup, lip. Georges, the father of the French Rose, bred "exclusive" roses for Lancome. In the 20 thousand kinds of roses carefully selected out of the 1, she shines a unique color and extraordinary vitality. The high-end perfume, to create the perfect cyanine pure fragrant flowers and fruits. Before the transfer, colorful flower fruit (raspberry, peach, Geranium); in tune, fragrant flowers (lilac, violet); tail, long vanilla (vanilla, acetaldehyde). (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: