Looking for the beauty of the city is enough for a bicycle coinwatch

Look for the beauty of the city a bike is enough | micro-blog Sina travel in 2016 08 month 29 days for 14:07 cycling race knocked on the side of the highway landscape many people ride from the dream of love this sport throughout the year and the natural scenery in the Saguo sweat heat boosting the countless one stationaryplatform matched into a picture and regardless of the age of youth riding around the Dongqian Lake Dongqian Lake Ring Road 45 km long coastline, including Lake Road, Lake Road, Lake Road, part of the road near lake. And the eastern section of the South Gate of the zoo since YOUNGOR connect ten in four incense, approximately 6 km bike lanes along the lake water is more recently, the best ecological road. With dark red plastic lined with green grass in the road pavement, the roadway winding driveway are parallel, the village old man riding a dilapidated bicycle, with the dog on the side, slowly facing the sun, he rode with the bright road, wearing a tight riding outfit, with a dazzling riding helmet friends, feel happy in the plain and simple life. With the two service areas located along the line and a comprehensive post, riders transfer, parking, rest and dining at the donor is not supported, temporary status. Based on the topographic features and the length of the road, Lane side also set up 15.5 round stand, listen to feel pleased with lake rinpu. 4 a live music Pavilion platform for sun shading, rain. Around with Dongqian Lake littered with many cultural monuments, the basic line series of spots. The advantage is obviously not like riding, fly, do not regret missed, you unfold a picture scroll, ink essay walk, one point one cross, all in mind. Bike fly. Through the trees, they met. The riding ring Jiulong lake surrounded by hills Kowloon Lake Road, is also the best place on the mountain lake, Lake Avenue, hillside, a total length of five kilometers, beautiful scenery along the way. With a ride, on both sides of the scenery, mountain after mountain water, even water, Diane peak meandering, lush vegetation, clear as jade, rippling the picturesque dreamlike block in the mountains. Along with the ride over Binjiang Zhuang Bridge Street into the broad avenue is the necessary route to Kowloon, Kowloon lake. A road open, farmhouse in the mountain bamboo hidden a way to navigate the Jiulong Lake artificial lake, Lake radius of twenty Li, the vast potential, rippling. The speeding, Yuanshanjinshui in the next over, chanting voiceless beauty can greet, along the lake road ahead enjoy chanting voiceless territory, old Tibet in the Xiangshan temple will be located adjacent to teach up to the beauty of the Xiangshan Mountain, has an "up the valley, Shiyan Liuxiang". With the 1250 history of the Tang Dynasty Xiangshan Temple Temples is the best inheritance best witness the natural beauty and charm of the humanities, the temple by the imperial seal in Shi Cengsan, thousands of monks gathered, incense prosperity. The pictures in the valley Yuantong Temple and Sam reconstruction, many pavilions, let this beautiful clear water and steep Tim a lot of cultural atmosphere, in view of water here and relax after worship Tour 2相关的主题文章: