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[map] domestic sale price of 16-24 million outlander car new car Sohu – Sohu []2016 August 26th, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI officially announced the sale price of domestic outlander’s advance, launched a total of two species in total displacement of 4 models, the price interval for 16-24 yuan. The basic car to retain the original design version of cash imported outlander, use 2.0L and 2.4L two engines, matching CVT gearbox, and the two drive and four-wheel drive models available. In fact, as early as 2004, the first generation MITSUBISHI outlander is Beijing Jeep into the domestic, and relying on Chrysler sales channels. However, due to Chrysler, good times don’t last long, MITSUBISHI and Daimler Benz between perplexing relations, coupled with models launched a long time, not timely replacement leads to declining competitiveness, the first generation of domestic MITSUBISHI outlander officially discontinued in 2006. Therefore, after a lapse of ten years once again made in China today, or will become the unsatisfactory performance in MITSUBISHI Chinese market a " arm; ". Appearance: the appearance of the interior and domestic cars imported models are consistent in appearance with a new design language, using the current popular " Dazui grille; ", extensive use of chrome decoration, enhance the sense of fashion; the headlights group integrated LED headlights and LED width lamp, make the car more sense of technology at the same time, enhance the driving safety. In addition to the rear of the car " GAC MITSUBISHI " logo is located on the left side, and " OUTLANDER" logo was moved to the right side of the body. Interior: new interior and power is expected to be consistent with the previous version of the imported models. Configuration, the new car will be equipped with heated front seats, power tailgate, reversing radar, vehicle stability system, S-AWC super all wheel drive four-wheel drive system configuration. Power: the new car will use cash and imported models of the same displacement of 2 liters and 2.4 liters of two naturally aspirated engine, produced by MITSUBISHI Automotive Industry Co. ltd.. But in the new car engine parameters above than the imported version of the model is improved, the 2.4 liter engine maximum power of 141 kilowatts, 2 liter engine maximum power of 122 kilowatts, the expected performance is better than the cash of imported cars in power. Edit comment: as " to " domestic models, in Guangzhou MITSUBISHI made Ou Lande to go15. The MITSUBISHI brand recently blocked the development of market performance, a series of strange, not to mention the single is just passable, classic cars one after another to have been shut down or even Nissan will lead to a large number of acquisitions, the loss of customers. While the domestic outlander can take up the responsibility to revitalize the brand, become MITSUBISHI Camry brand " ", an arm;; we’ll see. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章: