Marine environmental law intends to EIA is not approved to build the first penalty amount of 5% guitarpro5

The marine environmental protection law proposed regulations: EIA is not approved before construction can be fined investment of 5% of the original title: the marine environmental protection law amendment of second instance increase the ecological protection of the red line in Beijing on 31 October, (reporter Ma Haiyan Liang Xiaohui) the marine environmental protection law amendment 31 in Beijing once again submitted to the National People’s congress. Draft two reviewers to increase the provisions: the state in the key areas of marine ecological function, ecological environment sensitive areas and vulnerable areas delineated ecological protection red line, the implementation of strict protection." A marine main functional area planning, two reviewers provisions of the draft, the State oceanic administrative department jointly with the relevant departments of the State Council and the coastal provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to the national marine main functional area planning, formulate national marine functional zoning, the approval of the state council. Amendments to the draft seventieth of the existing provisions of the law, the provisions of the provisions of the relevant provisions of the ship’s operating activities of the approval of the five, to retain the bulk liquid pollution hazardous cargo over the approval of the operation. When it was suggested that the cancellation of the above approval, to further strengthen the matter in the post regulation, to prevent pollution of the ship. The NPC Law Committee proposed related things in the post regulatory measures, provisions added: "ships and related activities shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations and standards, to take effective measures to prevent the pollution of the marine environment. The maritime administrative departments and other relevant departments shall strengthen the supervision and administration of the vessels and the relevant operations." The draft two reviewers also increase the EIA of marine engineering construction project is not approved before construction of the act of punishment, the related legal liability to the maritime administrative department shall be ordered to stop the illegal construction, according to the circumstances and the consequences, at the construction project total investment of more than one percent to five percent of the fine, and can be ordered restitution". Two reviewers of draft also stipulates that the focus on the sea over the main pollutant discharge standards for controlling the total sea and ocean environmental protection did not complete the objectives and tasks of the sea, the provincial people’s government administrative departments of environmental protection, the maritime administrative department according to the division of responsibilities, suspend approval of new corresponding kinds of pollutants emissions construction project environmental impact report (table). (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: