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Men online shopping 3 TV sets required to pay 90 thousand postage and merchant court – Beijing Beijing in Dongguan on 30 August, (Android standard coolheaded) Guangdong Dongguan a man in the Tmall online shopping 3 TV sets, but call price of freight, and therefore with the business court. The 30 reporters from Dongguan in the first court was informed that the court ordered the case within 10 days of delivery of goods to merchants, after the merchant refuses to perform, the executive staff of the court to freeze the provincial Alipay account. Dongguan man Zhang in March 2015, spent 9597 yuan in a shop Tmall mall, bought a set of 3 LCD tv. Second, query the baby information, but was told: the shop for distribution to the need to pay the mailing costs 90 thousand yuan, the reason is the wrong price in the store. Later, Zhang repeated and the shop negotiations, hope the other party to perform the contract to send goods, but the other insisted to first pay 90 thousand yuan freight. Thus, Zhang will be the home appliance store franchise company in Beijing, a science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the technology company) and Tmall mall to the first people’s Court of Dongguan. In the courtroom, the technology company argued that the company in March 17, 2015, the case involving commodity prices have been adjusted, but due to negligence, not on the price adjustment to be verified, resulting in the original price of 31999 yuan of goods by the price of 3199 yuan. And that, without any preferential activities in the company, the company is using Zhang’s negligence, the case involving a lot of malicious purchase goods. Tmall mall argued that the case is due to the dispute arising from the sale of online shopping contract case, Tmall is only to provide a network trading platform, not the other side of the transaction, without joint and several liability. The court found that the dispute in the case is due to errors in the electronic input of technology companies, not timely correction of the corresponding electronic data, the fault lies in technology companies. Therefore, the adverse consequences should be borne by the company. On the other hand, according to the court to verify the evidence that the technology company asked Zhang to pay postage delivery of 90 thousand yuan, the claim is beyond the scope of the contract is a major change to the contents of the contract, Zhang denied legal evidence. The court held that Tmall is a service provider of the network platform, which is not the parties to the contract and the actual performance of the contract. Therefore, Zhang asked Tmall to bear joint and several liability demands, motivation is insufficient. Finally, the first Dongguan people’s court case involving technology companies continue to perform the contract, and in 10 days after the entry into force of the judgment Zhang delivered TV three Taiwan, also rejected the claim of Zhang Tmall mall. After the judgment comes into force, the court by telephone, mail, letters and other ways to contact the person in charge of science and technology companies, but the company refused to fulfill the delivery obligations of science and technology, also did not declare the property, the implementation of a great obstacle. The afternoon of August 4, 2016, Dongcheng court enforcement officers went to Zhejiang Hangzhou Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd. (China), the freezing technology company Alipay account to deposit more than 4 yuan. August 11th, science and technology companies under pressure to perform the action, the initiative to contact the court with the Executive相关的主题文章: