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Nanming district will carry out special operations into   2018 7 – Guizhou Channel – Certified mediator original title: 2018 7 to October 13th the mediator, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Guiyang City, Guiyang City, "Nanming district labor dispute mediation organizations three years of the implementation of the special action plan" has been introduced. Nanming district will carry out special operations, in 2018 to achieve more than 70% certified mediators. "Plan" put forward, to 2018, the number of employees in more than 300 enterprises, many disputes of manufacturing, catering, construction, business services and private high-tech industries Association (Association) should establish flexible and effective mechanism of labor dispute mediation; establish the mediation organization registration, mediation organization, roster of mediators publicity system regularly to the public, mediation organization, mediators list; guide the mediation organization perfect mediation case registration and mediation work records, statistical reporting system; the establishment of mediation and arbitration mediation proposal, the implementation of the convergence mechanism of entrusted mediation and mediation agreement arbitration review confirmed that the three work system; implementation of the mediation organization to achieve organizational identity, name, job responsibilities and work procedures, norms and mediators mediator certificate management "six standard", more than 70% tones Solution holder. ((Zhang Bin): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: