Secret college entrance examination 8 big truth and the top 5 insider must know

The entrance marking the truth of the 8 and the 5 insider must know the college entrance examination industry summit early warning: how to break the situation has to click on the registration of these candidates after the College Entrance Examination Reform Summit industry still miserable consultant transition or eliminated the college entrance examination of college entrance examination revealed pre planning white paper Industry Summit process first look since the college entrance examination subject contest requirements summary three candidates how to counter attack since the school test for what professional school admission points ranking key recommendation of professional institutions about the college entrance examination, parents and candidates must know: the entrance of the essence, is a selective examination for university personnel selection. Whether it is the volume of the country, or an independent proposition, the majority of college entrance examination proposition experts for university teachers, part of the middle school teachers and teachers. College teachers play a key role in the proposition! More college entrance examination policy interpretation, experience sharing, voluntary reporting guidelines, please pay attention to the official number of sina college entrance examination, college entrance examination circle of parents (sinagkjzq) view. There are three provinces and cities with the parents to share exchanges yo! Scan code or long according to the identification can be concerned about the college entrance examination circle of parents, high school parents do not miss yo! Many parents have a doubt, why some children mock exam, monthly exam, mid-term exam, final exam results are very satisfied, and to the college entrance examination there has changed? This is because of the different college entrance examination questions. Die questions are mostly high school teacher, is very different from the proposition mentality of university teachers, so it is very difficult for candidates to grasp the characteristics of quasi proposition of University teachers. College entrance examination questions face quickly, the difficulty degree of volatility, therefore, to grasp the core the myriads of changes, for the college entrance examination of the eight truth, four each to inside the college entrance exam students are necessary to understand. The College Entrance Examination Proposition 8 facts 1, college entrance examination is the 2 university teachers, college entrance examination into closely "exam outline" and "examination", but usually around the "basic simulation volume" and not to Zhenti, because the college entrance examination proposition group "anti charge" measures. 3, the college entrance examination in principle not strange, pianti, more "must not evade the test sites, but in the body, methods, under the perspective of Kung fu. 4, college entrance examination through the "attack" groups "weakness" to highlight the "selection". In other words, the problem that most students find difficult to grasp is that most students at a certain point in the knowledge of the shortcomings, and its purpose is to make outstanding students stand out. 5, the college entrance examination is mainly by the university teachers, in reading doctoral, master and part of the middle school teacher scoring. 6, college entrance examination paper grading rules are mainly developed by University teachers. 7, the college entrance examination is the selection of the test, the purpose is to divide the candidates according to the results, to facilitate the selection of colleges and universities. The usual test or simulation basically is to test the test, the aim is to detect the degree of knowledge gaps. Therefore, there is no deep understanding, precise and parallel selection of the examination papers, often in the college entrance examination should not lose the points. 8 college entrance examination, a piece of paper can be set for the universe, national selection of qualified personnel, is the key to it through the comprehensive selection will test center "and" easy to test "in English相关的主题文章: