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Self drive to Tibet, the car will occur altitude sickness? – Sohu travel often heard before, a lot of people go to Tibet after the plateau reaction will occur, if the car to Tibet, the car will be a plateau reaction? The next drive to Tibet line, have been to the old driver please enlighten. See a lot of the Raiders, the car to the high altitude, because of high altitude, air intake device into the cylinder of oxygen deficiency, resulting in incomplete combustion, influence of engine power, the general performance of the engine shaking heavily. See also is a high plateau of the thin oxygen, oxygen sensor to detect the engine will choose the optimal air-fuel ratio, reduce the amount of fuel injection, so the fuel consumption is reduced, of course, the result is power down. Listen to a Tibetan friend, the car is easy to happen, because in many places in Tibet are not 97 oil, their car plus 93 oil, it is easy to happen. It is like the Sichuan Tibet line God car Wuling Hongguang, BYD in the Tibetan area is excellent performance, we think, welcome to discuss!相关的主题文章: