Shanghai the most expensive land boom after the blast stop and homestead upgrade regulation after an mia farrow

Shanghai "the most expensive land boom" after the blast: Tingpai homestead and regulation of financial news in August 25th after another upgrade rumors Sina News, recently, Shanghai for four pieces of residential land has been halted, the regulation of real estate speculation after another upgrade…… Since August 17th a day in Shanghai, Jingan, Baoshan and Qingpu to sell the land record and regional prices, especially the record breaking King national unit to Jingan the most expensive land, to control the real estate market crazy measures and rise of signs. In August 24th, Shanghai land market announcement, Shanghai City, Putuo District Suzhou Suspended River riparian area regulatory plan adjustment in southern pt0265-01 (Changfeng No. 8 West Block on the south side of sporadic land Changfeng No. 8 West Block meiqibao South) transfer of land, the reason is "let people according to requirements". The Putuo land on July 20th listing, the listing deadline was originally scheduled for August 19th, the original plan in August 31st to sell the site. It is understood that the plot starting price of 370 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of $38 thousand and 900 square meters. This is the last week of Shanghai land market issued third land transfer notice suspension, a total of four residential land was stopped. In August 18th and August 22nd, the land market in Shanghai also issued notice to suspend the Pudong New Area Shanghai International Medical Park 20-10, 21-10 block and Pudong New Area Tang town new town D-04-06 land transfer activities. Among them, the town is the land mass market speculation quasi king, has been regarded as the future price of the outer ring will break 100 thousand + plots. According to the disclosure, Tang Zhen town D-04-06 block of land area of 56 thousand and 500 square meters, the planned use of ordinary commercial housing, the volume rate of 1.5, the auction scheduled start time for the August 29th, deadline for September 7th, the auction starting price of 2 billion 500 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of about 29 thousand and 500 yuan per square meter. Suspension of land reason is also different, Tang Zhen town D-04-06 block is set because transfer conditions in the public service facilities required for further optimization; and the Shanghai International Medical Park 20-10, 21-10 block is because the surrounding supporting education in the process of answering questions with the intention is in the coordination of the implementation of. However, sina finance consulting an engaged in real estate research personnel, it said, the homestead Tingpai trends may be frequent in the short term in order to control "the most expensive land", rather than the simple reason. For a few cases of notice of suspension of land, let the market do not smell the smell. Along with the homestead to stop, and the regulation of real estate rampant rumors upgrade. Sina Financial understanding, there are two versions of the argument. First, since September 1st, the introduction of new restriction policy in Shanghai. Housing recognize loan, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 5, two suites will be increased to 7, regardless of local field, regardless of commercial, residential, or whether to pay off the loan was not repaid, as long as there are even China loan records. To sign the time, buy a house before September 1st are not covered by the policy." Two is September 1st相关的主题文章: