[Shanghai] Xiao Shuangseqiu lottery weekly 16119 4 and covering anti tail pullip

[Shanghai] Xiao Shuangseqiu lottery weekly 16119: both anti tail 4 covering this period odd with the tail, out of 1, 2, 3 mantissa, 4, 9, 0, 5, 6 mantissa shortage, 7, 8, 3 mantissa with tail tail active, 1 group, No. 1 group, 2 weight codes type 21111, mantissa. Since the 16109 issue so far, the number of awards out of the 10 phase of the 31. A small tail with the tail, the tail of the award, bye, large covering cold no.. The tail 1 prime position, the heat is not prominent, with the tail; the tail 3 consecutive two out with the tail, low to heat, high anti tail 5 fill; bye four period award number are covering the space; the tail 7 award number go empty, after by heat; tail 9 prime numbers to be added. Even the 10 phase of the open prize number 29. Award number ratio 5:7:5:7:5, small tail covering, Nakao Shigeyako, Mei go empty. The tail 0 award number go empty, containing a number of heat, low back fill space; tail 2 award number, Buzhong, heat, low median fortification; tail 4 six only covering 2 Gold Award, and anti covering; tail 6 pre active, in a low key fortification; the tail 8 still fortification. 16119th: 13, 23 recommended Danma recommended: 02, 05, compound 06, 10, 13, 19, 23, 24, 10, 33+01 (Xiao Hu)相关的主题文章: