Sun Yang promises to life! The self assessment is basically satisfied with the appearance.

Sun Yang promises to life! Self rating   on the basic shape of satisfaction;   with dispersed Olympic fever, the athletes also gradually withdrew from the hot search back to their own work, still in the Red Net farther down the road on the left sports poet, Zhang Jike. What about Sun Yang, another husband who loves writing poetry as much as Zhang Jike does? Sun Yang has returned to Hangzhou to the whole tooth Aspen  ! Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital Dean, dental implant expert, chief physician professor Wang Renfei today revealed that went to the hospital to correct the teeth of the teeth of the big white poplar is known as the "shark teeth", uneven, micro-blog. Sun Yang roar although the fans feel very Meng, he is not satisfied with their teeth. In July 31, 2011, Sun Yang won the fourteenth FINA World Championships Men’s 1500 meters freestyle final. After the interview, he said that the basic satisfaction of their appearance, in addition to the teeth, "teeth badly, but in order to match the correct things dragged on." Soon he was determined on micro-blog: next year after the Olympic Games must correct the teeth! Micro-blog. Most of the time, the big poplar pursed her lips and teeth will not. Sun Yang Minzui Minzui Sun Yang JiaBuZhu but avoid lens when excited! In the London Olympic Games men’s 1500 meter freestyle final win, Sun Yang is very domineering beat splash, then uncontrollably yanmianerqi. Sun Yang happiness is this group of photos, so users shouted "Sun Yang, to the whole tooth!" But his teeth from 2011 clamoring for orthodontic big poplar, but because of too busy training time. The Rio Olympic Games men’s 200 meter freestyle final Sun Yang win, the Daily Mail also accents sarcasm up his teeth. Foreign media now, the procrastinator finally decided to go to the whole tooth, see you later also how he black foreign media! Sun Yang went to the back of the orthodontic nurse, please pay attention to the control of records several expressions! The fans see the big poplar to the tooth, the heart beat the doctor: dilute broken us poplar painlessly, you owe him a little tenderness! Netizens love big white poplar is a crying baby, if he cried, remember to hold his doll! If he didn’t cry, he would give him a doll to encourage…… Netizens brain hole wide open sun doctor Yang Daimeng, you should pay attention to use ah, Aspen testing very frequent! Users speak make doctors confused, a lot of fans that do not need medication nor pain. The doctor responded, but if you have to give the baby, then the doctor said it was OK…… Doctors and friends interact with Sun Yang love dolls do you think that fans do not worry about it? They were pleasantly surprised by the male god is more handsome than the heart is an alarm for visual change to rival! Many fans were worried about worried sister sister after Sun Yang, didn’t forget the girl Fu Yuanhui…… Don’t forget the girl friends worry about Fu Yuanhui Fu Yuanhui fans you don’t worry, the doctor said Fu Yuanhui is his son)相关的主题文章: