The Chongqing captain was first elected lady seventy winter almost fainted pool ratatouille

The Chongqing captain was first elected woman seventy swimming across the Yangtze River pool almost fainted the day before yesterday evening, when many people are surrounded by just elected Yubei District airport swimming team’s new captain, while the practice is a deposit Xuan quietly pick up the Red Book: "I won a national sports competition in the 50 meters breaststroke and 50 meters backstroke eighth Chongqing City, held the games from first to seventh, I have been. I was in winter, the city has not a few women in the outdoor adhere to a complete tour of the winter." Practice the mother 76 years old this year, live in Yubei District Shuimu Qinghua District, airport is one of the winter swimming team founder, is the former captain of the team. She taught "Mom, you taught us to swim, we will have a winter, you will not be" 17 years ago, retired heard the son of a joke at home practicing mother: "Mom, you taught us to swim, we will, you will not!" This aroused the desire to fight her practice, is also one of the weather in November, when the 59 year old mother-in-law to practice Chongqing Dadukou District Water Park Swimming self-study. A touch of water, she could not help but shiver: "Wow, it’s really cold!" The water temperature of 10 DEG C to feel cold, a cold, want to practice her mother-in-law retracement, can see the pool and an old man, the other older, "she dare, I have what not?" Practicing her mother insisted on a few trips from the trip, the success of the frozen are stretched straight. She washed ashore, dizzy to see things, and quickly seize the faucet, squatting on the ground, can’t help to his teeth and trembling, good to stand up. She almost fainted the swimming practice spread things around, people cast against it: "what you call the winter swimming?" Why go to the crime, the madman will swim in winter." His wife Yang grandpa started very puzzled about her winter swimming, he believes that this is not a warm blanket drill, partial to jump into the cold water, almost unbelievable. "We are high school students, I am older than her, when she was treated as a little sister. Later, after the university with her slowly with feelings. For the winter of this thing, I am very worried, she learned to swim a year later, dare to cross the Jialing River, then across the Yangtze river. We’re all scared, but she’s really good at swimming. I respect her choice, she is a person who is very persistent." Yang grandfather said. She gains before suffering from bronchitis gastrointestinal disease, now basically do not go to the hospital to practice "mother-in-law the most impressive swimming experience two times, is a strong endurance swimming Guangxi Lijiang, walk nearly two hours they encountered many shoals and rapids, a player tired, mother-in-law swim training to the player side and pull out the initiative to care for. The other time is across the Jialing River, they are in the backwater area against the ship waves. "Through the 17 years of swimming exercise, the biggest change in the body is no longer infusion. I used every year because of gastrointestinal diseases such as bronchitis, go to the hospital transfusion, the first winter after I have no infusion, the body of the indicators have returned to normal, now in addition to physical examination and the dentist, I basically do not go to the hospital." Practice mother-in-law said, swimming is not only a kind of importance to her相关的主题文章: