The tourists were Chinese! These 7 tourists really should be prohibited from entering zngay

The tourists were Chinese! These 7 kinds of tourists really should not be admitted into the Taiwan also remember the Internet users drawn on the subway in the subway of the big ten monster it? It’s almost like a lively mind. In fact, life, similar to the demon everywhere. Take the son of the most familiar tourism accounted for, on the road, some of the "demon" you must have seen, although with Chinese descent, but they are the object of love brought about Dave X. Fast to the tourist season, with the "monster" for son out for everyone to see, if you want to live in the mortal world, advise or don’t like them into practice a demon. The following "evil wind" for personal behavior, any similarity is purely coincidental. The spider demon demon: climbing. Please first fill the spider man to climb the wall on the screen. Are you sent to save the fruit tree, uncle? Suzhou Xuanmiao temple, a "demon" climb a tree picking ginkgo. Mushroom cool, play what the boy really handsome? There is no wisdom in the front! Anhui, Fuyang, this demon did not know what the reason to climb the wall. Do you think this is a child learning to rock climbing? I tell you this is a more than and 600 year history of the Nanjing city wall in the Sun Demon demon: reckless uninhibited. Just do myself. for shame, to cover the eyes of the son. Please believe that childe, this is really not at home. The "monster" is actually the underwear in the seat back in the Chiang Mai airport terminal on. Oh God, this is the most wonderful for childe have seen the demon travel. The weapon color is too bright, direct flash blind eyes. Discharge demon this demon characteristic: release poisonous gas. Due to poor organ function, unable to control the excretion capacity. The picture is "beauty", words. The demon demon Kacha features: love lens. "Click", click ""…… "Leadership, you quickly ride up ah, so you are also cattle than cattle"…… For son heard that do not know what to do, in the famous bronze sculpture in front of the Wall Street bull, our "demon" emancipated serfs to sit cattle". The Beijing International Sculpture Park, many visitors in the outing, "demon" in bovine foot. Doodle demon this demon characteristic: artistic breath. The pen, so is the lack of sense of beauty. The students must look at Ding journey to the west, want to leave their own "visit" Luxor temple in Egypt mark. Do you know this is a historical site of 3000 years in Egypt? The Egyptians’ hearts are cool and cool. Write in Ginkgo leaves painting is likely to become a treasure, but this "anand"…… Really ugly. Does your family know? Taiwan is a famous scenic spot in the Taitung "water to high" in the botanical garden of 30 strains of crown tequila four hundred or five hundred leaves, mainland tourists in the above message lettering. The demon demon garbage features: number, strong skill. "My sleeves, do not take a cloud." Just enjoy the sunrise, a view of the sea, boundless wood with skill. Hainan Sanya East China Sea area of 2.8 km long coastline, over 50 tons of garbage left by evildoer. Appreciate the charm of Maggie Cheung, this group of garbage demon!相关的主题文章: