The United States Congress passed the 9-11 bill, the White House reiterated the veto musiland

The United States Congress passed the "9-11 act" the White House reiterated that it will veto in September 11, according to foreign media reports, 9· in the United States on the eve of the 15 anniversary of the terrorist attack; 11, the United States House of Representatives unanimously called "9·" the 11 act of terrorism sponsor legal sanctions act "(JASTA), allowing the families of the victims sued by 9· 11 9· refers to the 11 attacks in Saudi Arabia. As the Senate has passed earlier, the bill will be signed by President Obama. The White House recently reiterated will veto the bill, but only 2/3 members of the house and Senate agree, can veto to Obama. It is reported that the U.S. Democratic and Republican lawmakers urged Obama to sign the bill. Texas Democrat Doug to Saudi Arabia "a hand full of blood, may be 9· the 11 victims of blood", and that Washington should not obstruct the victims’ families to find the truth. Texas Republican Senator Ted · wave; also pointed out that Washington should pay more attention to the families of the victims and non diplomatic relations. Obama had already indicated that it will veto the bill, opponents also worry that foreign governments will do it. But 9· 11 families of the victims of Terrorism Law League president Strada become rancid, if the United States did not finance terrorism and genocide of the people of his country, you don’t have to worry about foreign government made similar legislation. On the other hand, the United States authorities in the World Trade Center reconstruction of the World Trade Center building was opened the year before last year, the federal government of New York City Office recently moved back to the building. U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security said at the ceremony, which marks the "we are determined to move forward".相关的主题文章: