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City construction activity is caused by the red main cause of land subsidence in Chengdu is the deformation rate of the place, the Green strain rate is small, yellow is the strain rate in the middle of nowhere (Longmen Mountain Fault Zone) in settlement to represent the deformation rate in the monitoring period lasted for two years in Mianyang City, Leshan City, Dujiangyan city overall settlement quantity, Chengdu’s annual settlement is the largest volume of 2.2 cm per year, the minimum is -2.8 cm. The reason, Sun Xiaopeng said: the main cause of land subsidence in Chengdu is the human reason is the development of real estate and the construction of the subway." In recent years, Chengdu to start building a new subway line each year at the rate of construction of the subway, at the same time, real estate construction is very quickly. These frequent active urban construction activities are the main cause of land subsidence in Chengdu. Through the monitoring found that the subway through the regional rate of change is significantly higher than other regions, the formation of a concave feeling, the subway line after the shield will have a larger settlement than the surrounding area". On the other hand, due to the construction of high-rise buildings, foundation construction needs pumping groundwater, at the same time, after the completion of the building will have self weight, but also the cause of land subsidence. Sun Xiaopeng said that the Chengdu plain sedimentation rate increases gradually from the west to the east. In this regard, Sun Xiaopeng gave a scientific explanation. He explained that this may be the main reason for the existence of 3 aspects: – Chengdu plain in the extrusion environment, the impact of the west side of Chengdu by the impact of the uplift trend showed a trend of settlement on the East side. Chengdu from the west to the east by the groundwater water rich into deficient water, reduce groundwater can also lead to settlement. – east of Chengdu, especially in recent years, Longquanyi real estate development activities frequently, new projects to increase the ground load, easy to induce settlement. Therefore, the superposition of three factors led to the emergence of the west to lift the pattern of the east. In recent years, Chengdu subway construction activities, along the subway line in the construction, showing a very significant settlement trend. Chengdu annual settlement data is mainly located between -1.4 cm and 0.05 cm." Sun Xiaopeng said, so in general, the Chengdu shape variables are small, the land subsidence is within the scope of security."相关的主题文章: