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Wu Wei: to achieve "double target" force — people.com.cn — people.com.cn Guangxi channel 11 in the morning and afternoon, Liuzhou mayor Wu Wei came to the city people’s Congress at its fourteenth first session of Luzhai County delegation to discuss the first meeting and the twelfth session of the Liuzhou City Committee of the second CPPCC group discussion, listen to the deputies and CPPCC members opinions and suggestions. "This is an inspiring, boost morale, strengthen confidence in the development of the report, is a leading the people of the city in the first region to achieve a comprehensive well-off society and build the West River Economic Belt leading city" double target "programmatic report." Luzhai County delegation of NPC deputies in the review of the "government work report" said that the report on the review and summary of facts of the past five years, has the maneuverability of the work in the next five years, accord with the actual development of Liuzhou. Promote the Luzhai county districts work…… Clear positioning report Luzhai County for future development. Deputies said that we should take the initiative as an opportunity to seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of the city to achieve the first build and build a leader to make a greater contribution to the two goals. Wu Wei to represent the interpretation of the "government work report" pointed out that the report on the overall innovation, the integration of urban and rural, green rise, opening drive, sharing five strategic development. Put forward eight suggestions for the next five years, especially put forward from the aspects of building productive service industry development heights, vigorously implement the "Internet plus" action to improve the living standards of the service industry, the construction of financial service centers, regional industry to further promote tourism city construction to enhance the level of modern service industry. I hope the delegates to make more suggestions, together for the city to achieve the first build and build the leader of the dual goal force. Pragmatic, solid, affordable…… "Real" has become the second set of discussion points of the CPPCC members to discuss the "government work report" of high-frequency words. CPPCC members lamented: over the past five years, to further improve the quality of economic development, people’s access to further enhance the sense of. In five years, to speed up the upgrading transformation of automobile industry to increase R & D investment and the introduction of talent, efforts to speed up the construction of traffic and promote the further development of education, promote the rural infrastructure construction, increase efforts to support the cultural industry etc.. Wu Wei said in the discussion, the government will strive to put the views and suggestions of CPPCC members to become a better reality, so as to promote the comprehensive development of Liuzhou. (reporter Yan Youming) (source: Liuzhou daily Chen Lulu, commissioning editor: Pang Guanhua)相关的主题文章: