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Xiamen Metro Line 1 in September next year, will try to run the first subway train?       line 1 will be experiencing trial operation on September 2017, the first train yesterday unveiled, morning news reporters early SYPC? Which lasted 200 hours, about 2400 kilometers, 6 large flat car back section 6 subway train starting from Hebei, Tangshan, Xiamen to "settle down". ? 9 pm yesterday, Xiamen Metro Line 1, the first subway train to pick up the car ceremony in Xiamen North Vehicle base. Starting today, the first train will enter the commissioning phase. According to the plan, Xiamen Metro Line 1 will experience trial run in September 2017, opening and operation in early 2018. Morning news reporter yesterday? Ahead of barracks, for your secret first Xiamen subway train. What’s the look like? Egrets?, 24 single door? From Xiamen, the characteristics of Xiamen Metro Design Introduction egret wings image. Xiamen rail vehicle group project manager Li Wei introduced the first Metro to take shape, especially the light part, the other metro is the two Xiamen subway car headlights, headlight lamp with "like egrets". The use of metro vehicles B 6 marshalling, train length of about 118.7 meters, a width of 2.8 meters, the maximum capacity of 2062 people, the maximum operating speed of 80km H. Daily economic news reporter saw, each section of the car side of the 4 doors, a total of 24 single side of the train door. The image of the point described, Metro Line 1, the first train length equivalent to 10 car 12 meters bus end together, but the maximum carrying capacity equivalent to 23 buses superposition. What about the interior? The main orange red, there is a free WiFi? Into the subway car, the interior of the main colors of orange red, and Metro Line 1, the same color. In addition, in the detail embodies the humanization and low energy consumption. According to reports, the Xiamen subway? Using the LED light source, long service life, reduce energy consumption; stop using the LCD dynamic map, easy modification; floor cloth made of PVC material, wear-resistant and long service life; handle on the bus, the ball column flexible handle, which has considerable strength, enough to support the body the weight of. According to the characteristics of high temperature, high humidity and high salinity in Xiamen, the interior of the body of Xiamen Metro Line 1 is specially designed, such as stainless steel. At present, the domestic subway seat has a glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel material, taking into account the high temperature in summer in Xiamen, stainless steel seat is not hot butt, so the choice of stainless steel." Li Wei introduced, and embossed pattern on the seat, this is not only for beauty, or in order to slip. Li Wei said that the subway car has been installed WiFi, the future will be free to the public. It is worth mentioning that, in order to guide civilization to take the subway, the car is also set up a number of civilized slogans. In addition, the reporter saw, on both sides of the top of the car have fresh air exports, inverter air conditioner will be based on the outside相关的主题文章: